Certified Playground Surfacing

This hardwood fiber has been safety certified and meets all regulations to be used as a surface under playground.

Natural Triple Shred

Shredded Cherry Brown

Premium Shredded Brown Bark

Premium Bark (undyed)

Shredded Black

Black Hardwood Chip

Red Hardwood Chip

Brown Hardwood Chip

Erosion Control Media

Bulk Filter Sock

Filter Sock Mulch is composted hardwood that has been aged, screened and engineered to achieve the optimum flow through rate and sediment removal rate. Available for bulk deliver for on-site installation of compost filter sock.

Palletized Filter Sock

Compost filter socks are tubular mesh fabrics filled with certified filter media used for sediment control in place of a silt fence, straw wattles and hay bales. Compost filter socks have been recognized by the Pennsylvania DEP as the most efficient sediment control BMP.

Soil and Compost

Top Soil is an all-purpose growing media used for the growth of grass, trees and shrubs. Soil blends can be made according to specs for rain gardens, rooftop gardens and wet sediment ponds. Nature’s Grow Compost is a 100% leaf humus composted for twelve (12) months. This organic product is screened to 1/2″ minus.

Wood Waste Recycling is a part of the US Composting Council

Screened Compost

Screen Topsoil

Raw Topsoil

Raw Compost

LEAF Humus

Organic Fines

Aggregate Stone

2A (Limestone)

2B (Limestone)

Number 4s River Rock


2B Rivergravel